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What is iAssess?

Established in Singapore, iAssess is simply a Business-To-Business (B2B) subscription service that allows client organizations to administer psychometric tests and receive reports instantly. It can be used on its own as a test administration service, or combined with consulting advice to deliver holistic solutions. iAssess comprises a suite of innovative psychometric assessments hosted on a proprietary technology platform, and it provides a 24/7, low-cost, self-service, easy-to-use solution to organizations of all sizes.

How You Benefit

iAssess offers unique assessment tools & trademarks through our constantly expanding range of tests. Be it a psychometric test or career personality test, we provide multiple versions to address your different needs. Carefully designed and validated by qualified psychologists, these tests would help you gain invaluable insights and guide your decision making with data, benchmarks and analytics. We even provide the option to customize benchmarks and languages for further suit your needs and preferences.

Our Solutions

Solutions are suggested ways in which individual Assessments can be combined in a complementary manner to meet an assessment purpose. The Solutions recommended follow market best practices, and are a useful guide on how clients can maximize the value of the iAssess platform. Select the combination of Assessments that best meets your objectives. Or choose individual Assessments without following the recommended Solutions, as they are provided as a reference only. Utilize our range of personality, cognitive and behavioral assessments to achieve your business goals.

Subscription Plans

Select the pricing package that best meets your budget and volume needs. We also provide a Per Use option which would cater to clients who want to make a one-time purchase. The features and depth of reports differ depending on your chosen plan. Still not sure which plans work best for you, or how iAssess can meet your needs? Feel free to sign up for our 30-day Free Trial before making a decision.

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