ERA uncovers patterns of moral reasoning in order to access a hidden dimension of deep insights that go beyond personality and cognitive assessments. By seeing how candidates resolve ethical dilemmas, a picture of how they make decisions in morally ambiguous situations can be constructed.

Primary Scales

ERA comprises of two scales: Ethical Awareness & Ethical Reasoning.

Quick Facts

2 versions available.

  • ERA Adult
  • ERA Child
  • 105 questions
  • 90 questions
  • Detailed Assessment
  • Detailed Assessment
  • 2 Factors
  • 2 Factors
  • 16 yrs & above
  • 12-15 yrs old
When To Use
  • Professional Development

    Succession Planning
  • Character Development
  • Online or Mobile
  • Online or Mobile

Administrative Details

Duration : There is no time limit set for ERA, although it usually takes about 15-20 mins to complete.
Norms : Singapore general population norms
Reports : Profile Report; Interpretive Report.

Sample Reports

ERA Manual

ERA Adult Profile Report
Available for subscribers only.
ERA Adult Individual Interpretive Report
ERA Child Profile Report
ERA Child Interpretive Report