The VFI provides an indication of how well an individual’s relative importance of values matches that of the organisation. A higher fit suggests that the individual’s priority of values is more in line with that of the organisation; while a lower fit suggests that the individual’s priority of values is less in line with that of the organisation.

The VFI is designed primarily for talent recruitment, as a means to establish how well an applicant might fit into the hiring organisation. By using a ranking methodology, the VFI addresses the challenge faced by most self-report value questionnaires, of candidates attempting to provide socially desirable responses.

Quick Facts

1 version available.

  • VFI
  • One set of values to be ranked
  • Quantitative Fit Measure
  • Unique for each organisation
  • Age 16 yrs & above
When To Use
  • Recruitment assessment
  • Online or Mobile

Administrative Details

Duration : No time limit, although it generally takes 5-10 mins to complete.
Usage: Customization is necessary before the VFI can be used.
Reports : Profile Report

Sample Reports

VFI Manual

VFI Individual Profile Report
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