Step 1: Receive Invitation from Testing Organisation

  • Register online via the link received in the email notification; or
  • Download the iAssess app on Google Play / Apple Play Store
  • View all the pending assessment(s) that are to be completed
  • Install the test browser for better security and data protection (not applicable to iAssess Mobile)
  • Prepare yourself mentally, be relaxed and make sure you have sufficient rest prior to the assessment(s)

Step 2: Complete the Assessment(s)

  • Find a quiet, comfortable and disturbance free environment
  • Select the assessment you want to attempt
  • Follow the instructions provided carefully
  • Take note of time limits shown on the screen (if any)
  • Attempt the assessment to the best of your ability
  • Submit your responses once you reached the end of the assessment
  • Select the next assessment to complete (if any)

Step 3: Assessment Report(s)

  • Assessment report(s) generated will be sent to the Testing Organisation
  • It is up to the Testing Organisation to share the report(s) with you

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