• Assessments are tests or questionnaires that measure a single trait or type of traits. They are also sometimes referred to as tools, instruments or measurements.
  • Our range of assessments includes personality, cognitive and behavioral measures. They can be used in the occupational, educational or general settings.
  • Cognitive tests measures mental ability, and the questions have a clear right or wrong answer. We generally recommend that cognitive testing be carried out in a proctored environment.
  • Personality and behavioral assessments measure a person’s tendencies, and the questions do not have a right or wrong answer. They simply reflect how a person is inclined on a specific quality. These assessment can be completed independently by candidates, without supervision.
  • Benefit from an expanding list of assessments as new tests, questionnaires, reports and benchmarks are developed and added onto the platform over time.


  • Solutions are suggested ways in which individual Assessments can be combined in a complementary manner to meet an assessment purpose.
  • The Solutions recommended follow industry best practices, and are a useful guide on how clients can maximize the value of the iAssess platform.
  • Go to Solutions and select the combination of Assessments that best meets your objectives. Or choose individual Assessments without following the recommended Solutions, as they are provided as a reference only.


  • Services are value-adding components that clients can opt for to gain additional benefits on top of standard psychometric assessments. These services are not part of the Subscription Plans, and additional charges will apply.
  • Certification helps users gain a deeper understanding of specific assessments, and empowers them to apply the tools more effectively. Qualified users will be able to display their certifications as a mark of achievement.
  • Consulting services are customised offering that helps organizations achieve specific objectives, and may include specialised design work or outsourcing of non-core functions. Consulting rates are negotiated on a case-to-case basis.
  • Training refers to standard off-the-shelf workshops designed based on one or more iAssess assessments. They are open enrollment courses that are organised for participants from different organisations.
  • Benchmarks refer to organisation-specific test norms that are created on request to help clients make better sense of the data collected. Benchmarks can be created for different tools, as well as business divisions.
  • Analytics refers to the intelligent organisation of data to draw useful conclusions about observable trends, as well as the use of statistical methods to make reasonable predictions about job performance.

Benefit from an expanding range of assessments as new psychometric tests, questionnaires, reports and benchmarks are added over time.